Caregivers Inn is proud of the fact that we have been able to consistently exceed the expectations of the residents and families that we serve. Since first opening our home in 1990, we have had the privilege of providing our care to a number of local Missouri residents for both short and long term stays. As we are also actively involved in the community and regularly schedule activities and field trips throughout the area, we have developed strong ties to O’Fallon, St. Louis and the surrounding regions.

We are positive that you and your family will find Caregivers in to be the right choice for a residential care home. You don’t just have to take our word for it, however. Take a moment to read about what some of our satisfied residents, guests and families have to say about Caregivers Inn.


To the Caregivers Team, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent care that you gave my father Robert. I know that this is not an easy job, but you have shown such care and love for my dad. I know there have been many times I have come in and asked, cried & overwhelmed with questions and suggestions. Every time you have listened to me and made sure I felt my concerns were important & followed thru. Trust me when I say, I thank you for all your hard work. This goes from Terry, Nurses, cooks, housekeeping, maintenance, etc. If I forgot anyone I’m sorry. You all have become his family as well as mine. In appreciation for all you do. Thank you!

Denise Q.

To all of the staff, I just wanted to take a minute to say “thank you.” You were all so wonderful to me and my family, you made us feel so welcome and were so helpful with everything. It is very difficult for me living so far away, but meeting all of you and knowing how dedicated and caring all of you are makes it somewhat easier. Thank you again.

Dave, Beth, Dalton & Trey

Dear Terri and Staff Members, Our family would like to thank all of you for the love, kindness and concern you provided my mom while she was a resident at Caregivers Inn. Your jobs and the services you provide are challenging, but you truly live by your motto of giving dignity to all your residents. Thank you for the beautiful plant you sent. It was waiting at my mom’s church when we walked in for her memorial service… another example of the love and support you give to families of your residents as well. Your “home” is truly exemplary.

Sara P.

Joann and I just wanted your staff to know how lucky we were to bring Dorothy to Caregivers Inn. We appreciate the loving care and constant encouragement you gave her. Thanks for all you do!


Caregivers Inn Staff – I just wanted to let you know that I will never forget the kindness and safe environment that you gave to my father. Bless you all and many thanks!

Karen & Family

To all the Nurses, CAN’s, and Staff, We cannot thank all of you enough for taking such excellent care of my dad, Don, all these months. I never worried, knowing he was in such good hands. Everyone always took time with him and even the cooking staff would ask how he was doing. Not only did everyone give him such good care, but they always gave our family support and would always listen if we had concerns. We appreciate the beautiful plant that was sent to us. I always will remember all of you, you are all special people.

Frank G.

To everyone at Caregivers Inn, the past year was very difficult for our family, but you all made it a lot easier for all of us by taking great care of Dad. Thank you for everything.

Shirely S.

I want to thank the administration, management, employees and fellow residents for the joy that you brought to my aunt. In few letters and calls after she became a resident, she expressed how beautiful her surroundings were and ho her needs were so wonderfully met. She didn’t have to tell me how satisfied she was. When she stopped making a lot of calls and writing a lot of letters I knew. I was very happy for her. Since she was pleased with you, I know you are a superb facility. Thank you for you excellent service & for making these months meaningful to her. May you continue to do that for your residents.

Bob, Beverly, & Family

We thank you for the beautiful plant at Marshal’s funeral. More importantly, we thank you for the excellent care he got from all of you. His last year and a half was a pleasure of kindness and total care. He let us know he was “taken good care of.” You made his life richer and ours easier. We are very grateful.


I would like to thank you for caring for our mom, Vena. She’s a handful at times and you’re the angels to help out. There’s not enough thank you’s to go around. Doris and I appreciate everything you’re doing. I’m Denyse (Dee) the older daughter. Thank you so very much!

Amy & Floyd & Family

To the entire staff and Caregivers Inn, This is to thank everyone who cared for our brother-in-law during his time at Caregivers Inn. He spoke highly of you all and was contented in the “Penthouse”. Please use the enclosed memorial where it is most needed or some kind of staff appreciation.


To All Nurses & Aides, Just a small token to say thank you for each and every day, each minute and every hour that you are there taking care of my Mom, Ann, and providing her with a good day. I am very grateful for each one of you. Thank you very much!

N. Reed

I am a great believer that when some one or group of people are doing a great job or giving a super service they need to know how much they are appreciated. That is what I am passing on to all the employees and owner of Caregivers Inn. I have been in and out of hospitals, rehab centers and nursing home for my wife and none have given the good service that I am receiving here. From the owner on down through all the different departments of employees, they are doing a great service for the residents. The grounds are well kept and groomed. The building inside and out is well maintained and clean. All the employees are very helpful, kind, loving and ready to assist in any way they can, they are just great people. The members of my family that have been here and visited with me are very impressed. It is as close to a home away from your own home as you will find. I appreciate all the service and tender loving care from every one. You are all super people. Thank you all so very much.

R. Haintl

My mother was a resident at Caregivers Inn for over five years. She had mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease and was no longer able to live at home after my father died.. Caregivers Inn was my saving grace. I never had to worry about how my mother was doing or if she was being treated kindly. This is not a home with bells and whistles such as swimming pools, bowling alleys, and fitness centers. At my mother’s age she would never have used them anyway and why pay extra for something she’d never use? Caregivers Inn felt like a real home. They provided delicious meals in a beautifully clean environment with kindness and dignity. My mother was on Hospice the last two weeks of her life. The love and respect she was given unsurpassed the care she received in the hospital. And, the support shown to myself and family members was so greatly appreciated. I will forever be grateful to the administrator, Terri Loveless, and her staff.

St. Charles County Ambulance District

Caregivers Inn Team – Each and every day you work tirelessly to provide your residents with an environment that is just like home. Your care, compassion & friendship don’t go unnoticed and we wish you a very happy nursing home week!


Robyn, Terri & Staff, thank you so very much for the great Christmas party and delicious buffet. I know a lot of thought and work was put into its planning and execution to make the residents and family members feel loved. I appreciate all of your efforts so thank you. This was a great way to meet family members of residents which I had never met before. I enjoyed visiting with them. Also, the gifts yo Don were extra special. They told me that he is cared for and loved. This certainly means a great deal to me and my family. You are appreciated and your friendship is cherished.

Family of Myrtle

To all the staff at Caregivers we send our beautiful gratitude for all the love, caring, encouragement and comfort you gave day after day to Myrtle and to all of us! Words cannot express how we will always remember you and your loving ways. May God bless you and keep you!

Denise Q.

To all of the staff, I just wanted to take a minute to say “thank you.” You were all so wonderful to me and my family, you made us feel so welcome and were so helpful with everything. It is very difficult for me living so far away, but meeting all of you and knowing how dedicated and caring all of you are makes it somewhat easier. Thank you again.

The Luecke Family

Thank you all so much for the beautiful flowers but I manly want to thank you for the kindness you gave to Mom. I know the kind of job you did but I really noticed the wonderfully kind little things you did. Thank you!

L. Sullivan

I want to thank you and the staff for the quality work and care you give my mother. She often tells me that she is as happy as she can be living there. Your thoughtfulness of her give my brother and I comfort and peace of mind knowing mom is able to feel some independence away from us. Again thank you all.

Nancy, Russell, Keith & David
Please know how much my family appreciates everything you do each and every minute of each and every day for our mom, Ann. You all deserve so much praise and thank yous! We are so grateful for each of you! God bless you all!