My mother was a resident at Caregivers Inn for over five years. She had mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease and was no longer able to live at home after my father died.. Caregivers Inn was my saving grace. I never had to worry about how my mother was doing or if she was being treated kindly. This is not a home with bells and whistles such as swimming pools, bowling alleys, and fitness centers. At my mother’s age she would never have used them anyway and why pay extra for something she’d never use? Caregivers Inn felt like a real home. They provided delicious meals in a beautifully clean environment with kindness and dignity. My mother was on Hospice the last two weeks of her life. The love and respect she was given unsurpassed the care she received in the hospital. And, the support shown to myself and family members was so greatly appreciated. I will forever be grateful to the administrator, Terri Loveless, and her staff.