I am a great believer that when some one or group of people are doing a great job or giving a super service they need to know how much they are appreciated. That is what I am passing on to all the employees and owner of Caregivers Inn. I have been in and out of hospitals, rehab centers and nursing home for my wife and none have given the good service that I am receiving here. From the owner on down through all the different departments of employees, they are doing a great service for the residents. The grounds are well kept and groomed. The building inside and out is well maintained and clean. All the employees are very helpful, kind, loving and ready to assist in any way they can, they are just great people. The members of my family that have been here and visited with me are very impressed. It is as close to a home away from your own home as you will find. I appreciate all the service and tender loving care from every one. You are all super people. Thank you all so very much.